Make an impact.

Redline is a solidly mid-size company where everyone in each and every department has a meaningful impact on our business and customers; from customer support, dealer operations, software development, accounting and anything in between. We’re all working together towards our mission; building a great company that Drives ROI for our customers AND our Team Members.

Core Values

Redline specifically looks for people who meet our core values for the betterment of not just our clients, but also our team members. Redline is a unique working environment with unique challenges.  Most employees will never go into an office, but many will work at client locations daily. Redline provides both technical and physical services and the core values we seek have been tailored to fit Redline’s needs.

What are the core values we seek? I’m glad you asked!


We need people who are able to zig and zag and be willing to perform your role slightly differently for a better outcome when a situation calls for it.


Redline wants go-geters! Redline is a ~99% remote working environment and we need people who will attack challenges with limited managerial input. We DON’T want to micromanage anyone.

Desire to Master One’s Position

Redline is a growing company and we need people to grow with us, but first we need people to continually improve within their specific role. This allows every department to equally lean on the other.

Selfless Focus…

Redline seeks people have a selfless focus on clients and coworkers who are willing to go the extra mile. Someone willing to spend an extra few minutes looking into an issue for the BEST solution, not just the easiest one.

Problem Solvers Who Listen First

Listening is valuable it allows you to customize a solution that truly fits the situation. 

A strong presence in our market.

Redline is based in the Greater Philadelphia area and currently services NJ, PA, CT, NY, DE & MD. We serve many of the best and most well known auto dealers in the region.

 Based in the Greater Philadelphia Area
 Over 100 team members, and counting
 One of the largest Automotive Merchandising companies in the country
230 Kings Highway East, Suite 303
Haddonfield, NJ 08033

Reap the benefits.

We strive to offer the best (and most unique) benefits of any service and technology company anywhere. Your time at Redline should be personally, professionally and financially rewarding… and fun!

Competitive Pay
Working with Redline means competitive pay. We want to hire the best and pay accordingly.
Health Coverage
Awesome health benefits allow you (and your family) to sleep soundly at night. Medical, Dental, Vision, Life insurance options & FSA!
No Cubicles
Hate cubicles?  Great!  So do we.  Redline offers flexible schedules and a remote yet professional workforce.  No cubes here.
We provide the time that you need to recharge and do your best work.
Ongoing Learning
Redline provides top level on the job training, continued training and we encourage personal and professional growth.
Share & Share Alike
Get the opportunity for a dollar for dollar match on your 401k contributions.

In addition to all these great benefits we love hosting company sponsored events.  

We're hiring. Join us!

Automotive Merchandising Specialist

This position is responsible for ensuring every available vehicle at dealership client locations is photographed, posted online, represented correctly and looking great.

You’ll take detailed photos and videos (we’ll show you how) of dealership vehicles (new and used) and note equipment that adds value to individual vehicles using our specialized technology.

ALL accounts are provided to you and your only responsibility is maintaining existing relationships.

We are growing and hiring in MANY areas. Click the below link to see more on this position and areas we’re hiring.