Dealer Merchandising

First Impressions Matter


God Bless America!
A+ framing and color balance
Car fills the frame
Dare I say... sexy!
Shot in a parking lot, NOT a booth
We make booths look GOOD
Jeep is the star, w/ branding
No distractions
Branding POPS!
Digital background w/ proper height & distance


Terrible angle = worse background
Terrible angle = worse background
What color is that SUV?
What color is that SUV?
Everything is wrong
Supercar, terrible photo
What's the priority here?
What's the priority here?
A $45k photo booth for this?
A $45k photo booth for this?
I'm dizzy
Who needs to see the bumpers?
Date stamp & tons of glare
Turn off headlights increase white balance
Terrible angle = worse background

Redline = Premium Photography

Car shopping is emotional. Very few buyers truly NEED a new vehicle, they want one. Redline’s highly-trained photographers know how to stage, frame, light, capture and edit photos of your inventory to trigger emotional responses in shoppers resulting in MORE clicks, MORE leads and MORE sales. The car shopping journey visually starts with a thumbnail photo; make yours count!
Redline Pic Inspire Clicks!
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Redline reps service about 6 stores per photographer. Competitors force reps to service 12-18+ stores!  Redline spends MORE time at your lot pulling cars out of detail, the shop, the bullpen, etc. and getting them online.


Every Car Every Visit. It sounds simple, but most vendors fail to execute on this. This simple philosophy of getting your cars online FAST is the driving force behind Redline’s lifetime 98%+ customer retention rate.

OEM Data

Redline collects OEM specific package and option for your vehicles. Listing your cars with high-value vehicle-specific data (not a “VIN explosion”) helps buyers find your inventory on your dealership website, OEM sites and 3rd party sites.

Redline Lot Walk Sheets

You ever wonder, “Why doesn’t this car have photos?!?!”
You won’t with Redline.
Redline Merchandising Specialists produce comprehensive Lot Walk Sheets for dealership management and Redline Management. This process keeps Redline accountable to our high service-level expectations. We strive to touch every car and provide detailed information with the goal of providing superior communication to get your cars online FASTER.
This process takes a little additional effort, but Redline Lot Walk Sheets ensure you always know where your cars are and their condition.
Want your cars online faster? Redline.
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