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Among the Best Lead ROI in Automotive

Texting is the preferred method of communication for most Americans. TextUps™ Vehicle SMS lead generation program allows you to easily attract text leads in the communication method they prefer. TextUps™ case studies have shown a lead cost of just $4-$6 per lead, a fraction of the industry average. It works on your lot, on your website, on all 3rd party sites and in traditional advertising. Text message marketing is the new way for auto dealers to generate leads, communicate with buyers and to close deals.

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What's a TextUps™ Lead?

– Customer Name
– Customer Cell Phone Number
– Exact Vehicle of Interest
– Age Range
– Mailing Address
– Gender
– CRM Integration

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“Within hours of hanging the interactive hang tags from TextUps we started to receive leads. I texted-back one lady who visited our lot after-hours. I invited her to come down and drive the vehicle home so she could show her family…….SOLD! TextUps works!”

Dave P. / Sales Manager

Independent Dealership / Auburn, ME

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shoppers prefer submitting leads via text 5-1 compared with a traditional lead form. (statistics from a Sept. 20 survey)